Professional Photo Shoot & Video Opportunities

For a truly luxurious and authentically Maine backdrop for your upcoming photoshoot or film project, consider renting an Apex home.

Several Apex Homes are on the Ocean

Our portfolio of furnished properties offers a city-chic vibe, relaxing ocean front energy or romantic vignettes. We create homes that are designed with local touches from the furnishings to art and landscaping. Outdoor spaces include smokeless fire pits, hammocks, dining areas and sweeping views of Casco Bay or Portland’s urban neighborhoods.

We create beautiful backdrops all year long.

We provide an opportunity to blend your vision and message with thoughtfully curated homes that enhance your final project. One of our team members will be with you to ensure you can make the most of your time, answer logistical questions and be an extra set of hands if needed. 

Our chef's kitchens are wonderful for food related shoots.

Luxury names such as Chappy Wrap, Browne Trading Company, Harmon’s & Barton’s Florists, Aristelle, Chef Derek Bisonette and even a French cooking show have used Apex homes for their campaigns. 

Please call us at (207) 553-9966 and let’s discuss your project needs, single or multi-day rates and see which property is the best match. 

We look forward to helping you create an exceptional product. 

Our outdoor living spaces add wonderful natural light.